About us

Watercolors and my love of the animal world.

I am inspired by animals and nature. I am truly fascinated by the endless configurations of size, shape, and color of animal bodies. When I observe and paint them, I wonder what remarkable processes generated these beautiful patterns and diversity.

I have spent many years experimenting with artistic techniques and surfaces but finally fell in love with watercolors. This technique, as some would say, is based on happy accidents. The more you paint, more often they happen. I chose this challenging and rewarding technique to explore how water and paint allow me to express the rich colors, intricate textures, and attractive beauty of animal bodies.

My art is not only about searching, observing and expressing the beauty and harmony in nature. It’s also about sharing. So I am presenting this collection of my watercolors with hopes that you will find these animals interesting and friendly.

I create art in my home studio in Bellevue, Washington.